The Light and Shadow Chronicles

The Light and Shadow Chronicles is an epic fantasy series by D.M. Cain

This series features world-building on a grand scale to provide the reader with an immersive fantasy experience.

Why are the Light and Shadow Chronicles unique?

My immersive fantasy novels A Chronicle of Chaos and The Shield of Soren are part of a dark, epic series called The Light and Shadow Chronicles. This series features warriors, epic battles, angels, demons, magic and people with incredible powers.

So what makes it any different from countless other fantasy series? Read on to find out…

The world of the Light and Shadow Chronicles is in a state of eternal turmoil. Alcherys and Meraxor have been at war for thousands of years, trapped in a stalemate that is manipulated by forces greater than any of the characters realise. In order to emerge victorious, each army must recruit greater forces to fight for them—angels, demons, armies of the underworld and magical creatures.

Each of the books in the series focuses on a significant character and their role within the eternal war. Every story lays a building block for the epic finale but the books are written out of order. One story may feature a character in his adulthood, the next is set before he is born, the next after his death. Putting the order of events together is up to the reader.

The reader may choose their own journey through the saga. If they feel connected to a certain character, they can follow that individual’s story first. And if they join the series after book 5 is released, there is no need to read books one through four first.

So the series truly is individual, and a reader may navigate it as they see fit. So, with new books being released all the time, the choice is up to you. Catch up on A Chronicle of Chaos and The Shield of Soren first or read them afterwards. It will make no difference to the understanding of the series as a whole.

And if you fall in love with this immersive series, you won’t have long to wait – more stories are on their way!

Genesis of Light and Origin of Shadow – two complementary novellas will be released this year, and the next full-length novel, The Sins of Silas, will be coming in 2019.

Find out more about each book here:

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