Hand of Honour

STATUS: First draft completed – in editing

I am currently editing a brand new short story in The Light and Shadow Chronicles series, Hand of Honour. This short story is set hundreds of years before the events of A Chronicle of Chaos, in a previously unseen location and featuring entirely new characters.

Though it is chronologically removed from the other tales, the events of the story have crucial significance to later novels, especially upcoming novel The Ballad of Benedict.

It is a perfect sneak peek at some hints about The Ballad of Benedict and what it has to offer!

The first draft of this short story is complete and will be released at some point in 2022 (hopefully!)


The Light and Shadow Chronicles – a unique immersive fantasy

A Chronicle of Chaos

The Shield of Soren

Genesis of Light

Origin of Shadow

The Sins of Silas

The Ballad of Benedict

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