DM Cain at a book fair, with book copies and merchandise

D.M. Cain

Hello! Welcome to my website. I am an epic fantasy author from the UK, and I blog about writing and geek culture.

Books by D.M. Cain

The Phoenix Project - man with chains and cuts


A Chronicle of Chaos - a shield surrounded by fire

A Chronicle of Chaos – MM Epic Fantasy (Book 1 of The Light and Shadow Chronicles)

The Shield of Soren - a shield surrounded by feathers

The Shield of Soren – A Coming Of Age Fantasy Adventure (Book 2 of The Light and Shadow Chronicles)

Genesis of Light -  a shield surrounded by gold and jewelry

Genesis of Light – (Light And Shadow Chronicles Novellas Book 1)

Origin of Shadow - a shield surrounded by a smoke monster

Origin of Shadow – (Light And Shadow Chronicles Novellas Book 2)

Soren - Boy with wooden sword and a pet fox

Soren – Middle grade fantasy adventure

What amazing journeys this author leads you on! With remarkable characters, sensational story lines, and captivating endings, you won’t want her stories to end!

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A short description and book cover of The End short thriller
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