The Sins of Silas

STATUS: First draft completed – in editing

I am currently editing the next book in The Light and Shadow Chronicles series, The Sins of Silas. This full-length novel explores the effects of the ongoing war on a nihilistic young man not blessed with immortality, despite his privileged position in the Brotherhood of Shadow.

The Sins of Silas has been a completely new experience for me and I have probably enjoyed writing this one the most of all the books in the series. It features a completely new set of characters and all from the point of view of the Brotherhood of Shadow, who have traditionally been the ‘bad guys’ to date. Not only is the perspective different in this novel, but it takes place in Meraxor and its capital city, Belkeep. Belkeep has significantly different culture, terrain, customs and societal norms to the cities of the Children of Light. I have had immense fun with the world-building and have written this blog post on Meraxor and its citizens.

The main characters of the previous books in the series (Chaos and Soren) have been prestigious, wealthy and incredibly talented soldiers blessed with immortality and with an important role in the ongoing war.

Silas Wilder, however, is nothing like Chaos or Soren. Though he is the son of Brotherhood of Shadow leader Vincent Wilder, he is belittled, ostracized and refused an elixir of eternal youth. Though he remains bitter about this, he focuses his time and attention upon other things, mainly, the pursuit of pleasure. He is wild, reckless, fun-loving and bordering on insanity (he has been extremely fun to write!)

The first draft of this novel is complete and will be released at some point in 2023 (hopefully!)


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