Genesis of Light

The Light and Shadow Chronicles is an epic fantasy series by D.M. Cain. It features exciting new worlds, deep and complex characters, cataclysmic battles and people of monumental powers.

This immersive fantasy novella outlines the origin story of the Children of Light. It is the complementary novella to Origin of Shadow, which outlines the origin story of the Brotherhood of Shadow.

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Warring countries, fantastical creatures, beings of terrible power and journeys of epic scale. The legendary Book of Alcherys tells wild and unimaginable stories. But they are not mere fairy tales. They are true, every word.

Callista Nienna is strong and independent, but nothing could have prepared her for civilisation being brought to a violent end. Now, she is forced to stay alive in a desolate wilderness with only her closest friend for support.

She has two choices: give up and die with the wilting world around her or seize her destiny and make it to the only sanctuary left unscathed. At the end of her journey, something awaits Callista, something both terrifying and unbelievable.

fantasy novella Genesis of Light

So where does the new book fit into the series?

Genesis of Light is a novella set towards the beginning of the timeline, which tells the origin story of the Children of Light. Another novella will be released later this year to explain the origin story of the Brotherhood of Shadow.

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Excerpt from Genesis of Light

The evening was drawing in, the sky just beginning to turn pink as the sun slowly dipped beyond the horizon. It was beautiful. Tom sat up beside her and looked out over the city. “The sky’s too red,” he muttered, then lay back down again.

“What?” Callista laughed. “How can it be too red? It’s beautiful!”

“Nah. Too red,” Tom repeated. Callista aimed a playful punch at his shoulder.

“Hey!” he cried out, but his face broke into a smile. They grinned at one another, and Callista felt her cheeks blush as she locked onto his dark eyes. Tom was the first to tear his eyes away.

The smile dropped from his lips. “It really is too red though, don’t you think?” he said, nodding back to the landscape.

Callista’s heart leapt into her throat when she followed his gaze. This wasn’t just a sunset. The sky was blood red throughout, not the scattered, fading patches of pink that usually came with the sun’s descent. Something was wrong.

Everything happened in an instant. The sky cracked open. Within seconds, fireballs were shooting through the air and plummeting down to crash into the city. Callista gasped and jumped to her feet, Tom right beside her. Even from this distance, Callista swore she could hear the screams of terrified people as the city was crushed. It was as if the gods themselves were hurling rocks from the sky, decimating everywhere, and everyone, she loved. Tears welled in her eyes, her mouth wide open with horror.

Between the crumbling buildings and blazing infernos, Callista just caught a glimpse of something impossible, unimaginable. She shook her head but when she looked back again it was still there. An enormous creature of towering height, unlike anything she had ever seen before. Skulking through the burning city, it swiped indiscriminately, smashing aside buildings, trees and even people. Callista’s stomach churned with horror.

Smouldering stones began to pelt down on her, but thankfully much smaller than the ones obliterating the city. Tom pulled Callista into his arms, trying to protect her, but a rock the size of a penny hurtled out of nowhere and struck her on the forehead. Lights erupted in her vision and the intense agony seared through her like a red hot poker being pressed to her skin. She cried out, and Tom tried to hold his hands above them as protection. A rock hit him, sending him reeling away, clutching his injured arm, blood running down to his fingertips. 

Hundreds more tiny stones rained down upon them, some burning hot, searing their flesh when they landed. The ground beneath them lurched, and Callista was thrown off her feet and slung to the grass. Her head spun and her vision clouded. With aching limbs, she tried to lever herself up from the ground, but an agonising gash in her forearm made her collapse back down again.


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