Once an #awethor, always an #awethor

A few weeks ago I organised and took part in a huge worldwide author event on Facebook called Get Down with the #Awethors. Another author named Rocky Rochford and myself put the event together, including cover wars, tag-line competition, character takeovers and just general discussions about books and reading. It was an enormous success and I was proud to have been involved with it because, all the events aside, the people who came along on the day were simply amazing. They talked, joked, laughed, supported one another and generally showed themselves to be a lovely bunch!

Being an author is not always easy. There are low days, very low days, and sometimes it’s all you can do not to give up. There are negative reviews, tough deadlines, harsh editors and that’s all the external pressures. I won’t even start on the crippling self-doubts and neuroticism many writers suffer from.

This group, however, has reassured me on numerous occasions that I can succeed and that I am far from alone on this difficult journey. I feel like I have a hefty fellowship alongside me on my descent into the depths of Mordor.

Since the event, the discussions have continued. We’ve had word count competitions, post tag games, and every time somebody posts a snippet of their writing asking for feedback, they can be sure to get lots of support and valuable advice.

To top all of this off, Rocky Rochford had the fantastic idea of putting together an anthology of short stories by all of our awesome authors. This anthology is due for release around October 12th 2015 and will be an eclectic collection of all different genres and writing styles.

October will also see our next big Facebook event, which is sure to be even bigger and better than the first one. Hope to see you there!

5 thoughts on “Once an #awethor, always an #awethor

  1. Well said, and thank you for the post. We all know how little time there’s left to write anything, after daily toils to make ends meet, chores, family responsibilities, not to speak of trying to market our works and maybe finish that chapter. One of the reasons I stopped writing my blog years ago is that there still are only 24 hours in a day and some of those need to be spent sleeping.

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