Simplifying the Author Sprawl

A remarkably astute observation about author life by Sunshine Somerville

Sunshine Somerville

These past few weeks, I’ve been making a lot of lists.  On Twitter, on Facebook, on blog favorite folders, etc., etc.  I’ve been doing this not only because I have some OCD tendencies but also because of this – my author-based collection/database has become paralyzingly vast and in some ways useless.

I’ve been at this author thing for a while now.  Certainly long enough to know what groups, blogs, clubs, and advertising sites work for me and which do not.  In the past few weeks (and probably in the next weeks I’ll sift through more), I’ve finally let myself sever ties with those that are sucking up my time, cluttering my inbox, and in general just aren’t doing me any good.

Some of these sites/clubs I’ve been with long enough to see that our philosophies differ by way of author-to-author support, review policies, etc.  I don’t want to badmouth anyone in…

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