Awethology Dark


Extract from D.M. Cain’s piece in this anthology, entitled ‘The End’:

How do you convince people you’re not crazy when the world around you is insane and you’re the only one who can see the truth? These stupid people are walking to their deaths, every single one of them. They don’t even know it and no matter how much I scream it at them, they won’t listen. I wave my sign backwards and forwards in front of their faces but they back away from me, their eyes wide and afraid as if I’m threatening them, rather than trying to save their skins. So I shout louder and soldier on pointlessly, knowing that I must do something. Knowing that I am the only one who can save them when the end comes. Because it is coming, and it’s coming soon.

My name is Wayne Dixon. I’m fifty-seven years old and I’ve been chosen to save the world.

The End postcard 1

This anthology can be purchased for FREE at any of these sites:

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