Wondering What The Shield On My Book Covers Means? Find Out!

Many people have asked me about the meaning of the shield and symbols on the front of A Chronicle of Chaos and The Shield of Soren, so I thought I’d take some time out to explain the significance of the artwork.

The Light and Shadow Chronicles shield

Each of the symbols on the shield represents a different faction in the war which rages across the land in the Light and Shadow Chronicles series. Some of the symbols are linked to the Children of Light, some the Brotherhood of Shadow and some entirely different groups of people (or creatures!) altogether.

Light and Shadow Chronicles Avalanche army sigil logo

Avalanche – a small elite unit of warriors fighting for the Children of Light. Some of the best soldiers in the whole series fight under this banner.
Characters you may have met: Raven Lennox, Deacon Thialdor, Ryan Thialdor, Tiger Lennox

Light and Shadow Chronicles Children of Light army sigil symbol
Children of Light

Children of Light – One of the armies in the eternal war, led by immortal matriarch and warrior, Callista Nienna.
Characters you may have met: Callista Nienna, Hayden Lennox, Scorpio Bast, Kham Nitaya, Deveron Nitaya

Light and Shadow Chronicles Nightfall army sigil symbol

Nightfall – another elite unit of soldiers, this time from the generation below Avalanche. They formed their unit out of jealousy that they couldn’t get into Avalanche! They are impetuous, rash and often uncompromising.
Characters you may have met:  Chaos Lennox, Dana Thialdor (originally named Deianira Thialdor), Mercury Lennox, Syfer Lennox

Light and Shadow Chronicles demons army sigil symbol

Demons – residents of Hell who have been summoned to fight for the Brotherhood of Shadow.
Characters you may have met: Anathema, Phantom, Malla (originally named Maleficia), Anubis, Reign (half demon)

Light and Shadow Chronicles Valhalla Elite army sigil symbol
Valhalla Elite

Valhalla Elite – an elite unit of warriors in the Brotherhood of Shadow which formed to counterbalance the threat from Avalanche.
Characters you may have met:  (There is not much mention of these guys in A Chronicle of Chaos – the only character briefly seen is Vincent Wilda’s son, Silas)

Light and Shadow Chronicles Brotherhood of Shadow army sigil symbol
Brotherhood of Shadow

The Brotherhood of Shadow -the army opposing the Children of Light in the eternal war, led by immortal warrior Vincent Wilda.
Characters you may have met:  Vincent Wilda, The Bavelize (ish – he is working with them currently), Guardian, Reign,

Light and Shadow Chronicles DUSK army sigil symbol

D.U.S.K – The Democratic Union of Separatist Knights – a group of people who broke away from the two warring sides to form their own nation.

Characters you may have met: They haven’t appeared in the books yet, but will do soon!

Light and Shadow Chronicles Angels army sigil symbol

Angels – a group of Heavenly beings that come to the Human Realm when the world is threatened by demons.
Characters you may have met: Icarus, Samael, Ceres, Tenshi, Cassandra, Anna

In A Chronicle of Chaos the two most prominent factions are Nightfall and demons. As such, those two sections are highlighted. The Shield of Soren has angels and the Children of Light highlighted. In future books, different sections will be highlighted depending on the characters featured.

Comment below – which symbol/faction do you like best?











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