The Phoenix Project Tour with #RRBC Author D.M.Cain

Check out my latest post on the 4Willspublishing blog tour – Why I’m proud of my 1* review

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I am very pleased to welcome D.M. Cain to Fiction Favorites. She is on her The Phoenix Project tour with 4Wills Publishing. You can go HERE to see other stops on the tour.  I present D.M. Cain

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Why I’m proud of my 1-star review

To an author, a negative review can be soul-destroying. You have poured your heart into hours and hours of writing and editing something that, at times, feels like your baby – you treasure it and love it, and want to hold it high and shout your pride from the highest mountain. So when a reader dismisses it as ‘rubbish’ or slates your use of language, it can be hard to take.

Recently my debut novel ‘The Phoenix Project’ got its first 1* review:

Did I sulk and cry and decide to never write another word? No, I smiled and heaved a sigh of relief.

This little…

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