How I boosted my mailing list subscribers from 96 to 973 in a few days

Authors corss promotion banner marketing

Last week I was struggling along with just 96 subscribers to my mailing list. This week, after just one giveaway event, I am sitting at a beautiful 973 subscribers. How did I do it? with the help of this wonderful marketing opportunity:

For $45 I signed up and entered two free e-copies of my book A Chronicle of Chaos into their fantasy giveaway. People were then asked to sign up with their email addresses for the chance to win all 30 authors’ books.
I’m usually skeptical about paying too much for promotions so I thought I’d just do this once as a trial. I was so impressed with the results and it took very little time and effort on my part. I cannot recommend it enough!

9 responses to “How I boosted my mailing list subscribers from 96 to 973 in a few days”

    • Yep. I don’t spend a lot of time on WordPress. The mailing list I’m building is my Mailchimp account. That’s the one with 973 subscribers.

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