The power structure of notorious crime syndicate ‘The Wilders’

Origin of Shadow is the latest installment of the Light and Shadow Chronicles – an epic fantasy series by D.M. Cain. This novella details the beginnings of Vincent Wilder and the nefarious Brotherhood of Shadow.

Vincent and his cronies start off in a Mafia-esque crime syndicate. Take a look at this visual map of the Wilders’ power structure:

The Wilders - crime syndicate in Origin of Shadow by D.M. Cain

Origin of Shadow by D.M. Cain

The voice broke into his thoughts, everywhere and nowhere at once, deafening, yet somehow a whisper. “Are you ready to learn the truth?”

Heir to a notorious crime syndicate, sixteen-year-old Vincent Wilder is determined to live up to his father’s intimidating legacy, and expand his violent empire. The Wilders have terrorised the city of Pabell for decades and Vincent knows the business inside and out – and has dirtied his own hands more times than he dares to count.

But no matter how ready he thinks he is, nothing could have prepared him for life at the helm. His father was a man of many things, but secrets wasn’t one of them. Or so Vincent had thought. The deeper Vincent gets into his leadership role, the more terrifying and inexplicable skeletons he uncovers.

With the threat of a revolution, a mysterious and intrusive voice in his head, and a long-lost history he knew nothing about, is he really up to the challenge?


★★★★★ – “I have not seen this type of book writing before, and it looks very promising. I found it very interesting and cannot wait for more.”

★★★★★ – “A gripping and intriguing short story, and a great introduction to this series.”

Origin of Shadow - The Light and Shadow Chronicles series by D.M. Cain

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