Wondering What The Shield On All My Book Covers Means? Find Out!

Many people have asked me about the meaning of the shield and symbols on the front of the books in the Light and Shadow Chronicles, so I thought I’d take some time out to explain the significance of the artwork.

Each of the symbols on the shield represents a different faction in the war which rages across the land in the Light and Shadow Chronicles series. Some of the symbols are linked to the Children of Light, some the Brotherhood of Shadow and some entirely different groups of people (or creatures!) altogether.

Each book features the shield (or a representative symbol from the shield) and a themed background which is related to the book’s setting or tone.

A Chronicle of Chaos features demons and as such the background is fiery.

A Chronicle of Chaos - book cover

The Shield of Soren features angels and so the background is feathered.

The Shield of Soren- book cover

Genesis of Light features an important piece of jewellery in the shape of the Children of Light symbol.

Genesis of Light - book cover

Origin of Shadow is about the menacing shadowy creature behind the Brotherhood of Shadow.

Origin of Shadow - book cover


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A Chronicle of Chaos

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Genesis of Light

Origin of Shadow

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