The Light and Shadow Chronicles symbol no. 4 – Angels

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The cover for my newest novel A Chronicle of Chaos features a shield with eight symbols carved upon it. Each of the symbols represents a different army, faction or group of people within the series. Over the next eight days, to complement the release countdown, I will be posting about each of the symbols to give some background on the armies you can expect to learn about in Chaos and the upcoming novels in the series.

The FOURTH symbol I will be talking about can be seen on the top left of the shield:

Repaired shield angels

This is the sigil of the angels. Usually residing in the kingdom of Heaven, angels’ souls are tied to their realm and they cannot leave Heaven unless they tear their souls in two.

Their existence revolves around protecting humans from the influence of demons, by spreading love, compassion and justice among the people of the Human Realm.

When the demons are summoned to fight for the Brotherhood of Shadow, the angels take it upon themselves to protect the humans before their world is corrupted and destroyed.

Characters from this army that you can expect to see in A Chronicle of Chaos include:

Ceres – A little girl to the eyes of humans, she is actually hundreds of years old in her true angel form. She lives in the Human Realm, dispensing wisdom and advice, and is never far from her loyal protector, Soren Nitaya.

Samael – A magnificent golden angel of huge proportions, Samael is dedicated to honour and justice. He is the offspring of the leader of all angels, Providence.

Icarus – Headstrong, noble, and committed to truth and glory, Icarus is passionate about ridding the Human Realm of any and all demons.

Tenshi – A true pacifist at heart, Tenshi refuses to use violence, no matter the situation. She aids the humans by sending them courage, faith and hope.

Anna – The greatest archer the world has ever seen, Anna is unbeatable with her bow, and her incredible beauty often lures people into a false sense of security.

Cassandra – Cassandra is a true descendant of the warrior angel, Justice. She fights with the knowledge that in order to uphold all that is good in the world, sometimes you have to fight for what is right.


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