Publishing with Booktrope

I’ve been writing one and off for ten years now but only got serious about it a few years ago, and I keep changing the goalposts. Initially, just finishing my first book was enough for me. I thought if I could just get it completed, I would be happy. But then I had a complete novel – it would be silly not to send it to publishers, right? So I sent it out to a few, got rejected, and was perfectly happy about that. I’d written a novel and even gone through the experience of writing to publishers. So, surely I’d be content there?

Nope. I shifted my ambitions again and decided to self-publish. In May 2014 I released my first novel, The Phoenix Project, with KDP select. It sold well and I was happy with the process, so in October 2014 I released A Chronicle of Chaos – also with KDP. Now I had two published novels (albeit self-published).

But, I’d proven I could achieve success with my writing. People seemed to like my work, so I decided to go the whole hog and submit to publishers again. I never expected it to actually go anywhere, so imagine my surprise (and delight) when Seattle-based innovators Booktrope accepted my books. I was ecstatic! The dream has been fulfilled, but in truth it is only just beginning. While you would imagine that getting a publisher makes a writer’s job easier, it actually adds to the immense workload. Thank god I love this whole writing business 🙂

So, this year I will be putting my two books through Booktrope’s extensive editing and designing process. With a brand new cover, and a thorough developmental edit, The Phoenix Project and A Chronicle of Chaos will be re-released.

What about my next books, you may ask? My third novel, and the next in the Light and Shadow Chronicles, is written and will soon be going through the editing process, with a view to release at the end of 2015 or early 2016. I am also writing a short story to go with the fantasy series, which I also hope to release this year. So stay tuned – there is far more to come from D.M. Cain. My journey on the way to full-time author is only just beginning.

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    1. Thank you Lisa! I’m having a lot of fun setting up new blogs and things. Just getting to grips with WordPress though – its a bit hard to find my way around!

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