Get Down With The #Awethors

Me and a fellow author, Rocky Rochford, have put together  huge book event on Facebook and Twitter. The ‘Get Down With The ‪#‎Awethors’‬ event will run all day on April 12th (across time zones, so it’ll actually be far longer than 24 hours). All the events will take place on the facebook group page (, but also on twitter – where we are encouaging everybody to tweet each other questions, using the #awethors hashtag (we hope to get it trending!)

As for the Facebook event, all the authors will be turning up at some point on the day (so you can come for all day, a few hours, even just half an hour if you like). When authors drop in, they get talking to each other, and to the readers, reviewers and bloggers, about their books. Maybe you’ll pop up and post your book cover and ask people what they think of it, or ask them to read your blurb/first chapter and give their favourite quote (for example). Then you can pick answers you like to receive free copies. Us authors will be on board to help rally conversation along, so we’ll all be asking each other questions and getting lots of dialogue going about our books.

There will also be genre book bundles to be won, cover wars, video interviews and swag packs for your favourite authors.

Its a great opportunity to make author/reader/editor friends, spread awareness about your books, get some sales and pick up some goodies for yourself too.

You can put in as much or as little effort and time as you want. There’s no pressure. And when you come in, what you do there is up to you. You can talk about, and do whatever you want. Some people are running book cover contests, sharing trailers, discussing which famous people should play characters in their books etc. Anything that gets people interested in you and your work.

So why not pop along on the day – it’s going to be a fantastic event!

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