Review of Soldier Son: The Terralin Sword by D.K. Holmberg

A run-of-the-mill fantasy story with some interesting ideas

The Teralin Sword was an interesting story with some great plot points. I was particularly gripped by the concept of the mineral Teralin itself. The author developed a really cool concept with the nature of this metal and its ability to be forged into fascinating weapons. I also enjoyed the dark monks and their evil ways – they lent a brutal gravitas to the book and gave the protagonist a believable and sympathetic motive for his part in the story.

The plot itself, though dotted with some interesting ideas, was a pretty standard fantasy story. It was quite predictable and a lot of the characters and plot points fit a little too neatly into typical fantasy tropes.  The characters were a little weak and forgettable. In fact, now that I am a week past the end of the book I can’t clearly remember many of the characters at all! (There was also only one female character and she served merely as a faint romantic interest to the protagonist. This grated on me somewhat.)

The writing was generally good and Holmberg has a good style which is accessible and easy to read.

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